the bitrot webring

the bitrot webring is a group of likeminded people, located in or connected to the city of glasgow, scotland. it's pretty new. we're still not sure whether it'll be called something else, be hosted somewhere else, what exactly the criteria or theme will be, we're not sure of anything. join us.


netgf is a lighting technician/programmer/artist/dj and the founder of bitrot.


two radio girls; glasgow to the hague. all things art, music and culture.

coy burn

coy burn is a person interested in lighting design for nightclubs as well as a variety of other club-based arts and music.


zolf is a musician and dj, the founder of the dataclash url show and a resident on subcity radio. zolf as a construct and sentient being was created approximately in the year 2019-2020, it is unknown exactly when.


daphne's digital portfolio. more to come...


boosterhooch aka han, part time nurse part time noise musician

alexis (time snark)

american in glasgow taking pictures + playing tunes


radio host and street enjoyer


to join our webring, email contact at bitrot dot online

once you've joined

you'll be given a webring id when you join. hint: it's in this page's source code if you forget it! add this code to your home page. feel free to style/position it however you like.